"Getting Out" is aimed at enhancing the capacity of young people to make an educated transition to independent living through raising awareness of careers and employment, education, accommodation, transport, budgeting, safe partying, stress management and physical and social activity opportunities.

This project is an initiative of and supported by Country Health SA (Lower Eyre Health Services, Eastern Eyre Health and Aged Care, Mid-West Health Services), Futures Connect andFamilies SA.

Questions and Feedback

Lower Eyre Health Services
Tel 08 8688 2629 or email ask@gettingout.info


Information compiled by:-

    • Chelsea Baillie
      Early Childhood & Youth Health Coordinator, Lower Eyre Health Services
    • Kelly McLaren & Lani Newton
      Youth Development Officer, Eastern Eyre Health & Aged Care
    • Dale Ramsey, Chris Martin & Cass Martin
      Youth Development Officer, MidWest Health Services

With support from:

    • Betty Pearce
      Futures Connect - Transition Broker, Eyre Region
    • Neil Sercombe
      Families SA

The information contained in this website is also available in booklet form. We have also created wallet cards which contain all of the Help Numbers for easy access.

We are offering the booklets and wallet cards for sale.

  • Booklets: $3 + freight - not for profit/community organisations
  • $4 + freight - all others
  • Wallet Cards: $1 + freight

If you require any further information or would like to place an order please contact: Lower Eyre Health Services
Telephone: (08) 8688 2629 Email: ask@gettingout.info

Thankyou to the following for their support:-


Lower Eyre Health Services


Eastern Eyre Health & Aged Care


Mid-West Health