Everyone likes to go out and have a good time, it’s even better if you can do it safely. Here are some tips on how to party safe.

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Going out

  • If you are planning to drink or use drugs, eat before you go out and drink plenty of water
  • Plan where you are going and let your friends or housemates know
  • Always go out with mates you trust
  • Plan a meeting place with your mates in case you get separated during the night
  • Swap mobile numbers in case of an emergency
  • If you’re going to a party, ask the host before you bring a whole bunch of your friends
  • Watch out for each other, stay in a group and choose safe, well-lit places to be. If friends go to leave with someone new, make sure you know they are OK
  • If you're heading to a party or mate's place and are planning to have a drink or use drugs, make sure you crash at the party and not on the road, remember to 'BAG A SWAG'
  • Beware of spiked drinks. If someone offers you a drink, go to the bar with them and watch it being poured. Never leave your drink unattended
  • If you’re drinking alcohol try to have a few non-alcoholic drinks in between
  • Enjoy the music, dance, don't just stand around drinking
  • Convert your drinks into standard drinks to keep track
  • If a friend is drunk or sick, stay with them. If they want to lie down, put them on their side in case they vomit. Seek help if you are worried. Call 000 for police or ambulance
  • If you leave a party early, let your friends know where you are going
  • Respect each other and the place that you are in. Violence, trespassing (gatecrashing) and community disturbances give you and the people you are with a bad reputation
  • Be aware of the legal issues associated with your alcohol  and drug use
  • Catch a taxi or arrange for someone to be the sober driver for the night
  • Do not mix alcohol and drugs, this is a dangerous combination

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Partying in the city or larger towns will be a lot different than that of small country towns. Make sure that you make safe choices when partying in the city as you are much more anonymous and there may be less people looking out for you than you are used to.

Differences when partying in the city:

  • A range of different people in nationalities, religion, sexuality
  • Venues a lot busier - some may have line-ups and cover charges
  • Drinks and food may be more expensive
  • Large numbers of people you don't know
  • A higher level of drink spiking than what you may be used to
  • Longer wait to get home i.e taxis
  • Variety of places to go and things to see
  • Ability to make heaps of new friends
  • Chance to see new bands and live music

Some great tips for how to have a good night out safely and other helpful information can be found at Alcohol Issues

Partying at Home

  • Send out an invitation list if you’re planning a big party
  • Let police know if you’re having a party
  • Avoid text messages or email as a way of telling your friends about your party, as these can be easily forwarded on
  • Limit the amount of alcohol available and don’t serve alcohol to people who are under 18
  • Have plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks available
  • Don’t top up your friends’ glasses
  • Make sure there is somewhere safe for people’s valuables i.e a bag / coat room
  • Plan how your friends are going to get home
  • Have a plan of what to do if things start to get out of hand. Contact the police if you need to

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extra information

For further information relating to drugs and their effects check out Drugs

For more information on alcohol visit What's The Rush

For heaps of information on drugs and alcohol especially for Aboriginal young people visit VIBE - Where'e Your Head At


Safe Sex

Sexual health relates to all aspects of your wellbeing in sexual relationships including protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) and unwanted pregnancies, feeling respected and haviong pleasurable and safe sexual experiences. The correct use of condoms will protect you from STI's and unwanted pregnancies. Condoms are available from supermarkets, pharmacies, vending machines and youth clinics.

If you have unprotected sex you can obtain emergency contraception and advice from:

  • Your Local Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Youth Clinics ie SHine or Second Story

To access rape and sexual assault services phone the Yarrow Place on 82266777.


SHine SA

They have lots of useful information on all aspects of sexual health including locations of their clinics on their websites SHine SA.

SHine SA clinic services are run by doctors, nurses and sexual health counsellors. SHine SA also offers a Sexual Healthline - free confidential service to talk about your sexual health. For further information about sexual health, contraception and health clinics Phone 8300 5300 , fax 8364 2389 or email sexualhealthhotline@health.sa.gov.au

Nunkuwarrin Yunti provides health care and communitys upport services to Aboriginal and torres Strait Islander people, including a sexual health clinical service and general information and support. Phone 8223 5217 or visit Nunku



Got a question about sex? Sextxt gives you accurate answers when you need them.....all in the time it takes to send and receive a tet message. For sexual health advice, SMS the message 'sexinfo' to 19sextxt (1973 9898). you will then receive an instant reply with a number of menu options. Select the subject you would like information on. SMS the corresponding number back to 19sextxt. And just to make sure you get all the facts you need, the sextxt website includes additional info on sex and sexual health. Sextxt also has a National Support Centre on 1300 739 890.

Safe partying will help you to make good decisions if and when to have sex and to be prepared.

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