Tax File Number (TFN)

Before you can work in Australia you will need to be issued with a Tax File Number (TFN) from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Your employer will usually give you a form to apply for a TFN, which you will need to submit to the ATO or you can get a form from your local Australian Tax Office or Post Office. You only need to apply for a TFN once - the number you are issued with will be used at any time you are asked to quote your TFN.

Anyone who is applying for Commonwealth benefits such as Youth Allowance is required to provide a TFN with their application for benefits. Students choosing the deferred payment option of HELP are also required to provide their TFN on the Payment Option form.

Note that if you do not provide a TFN within 28 days of lodging your application for benefits, it will be taxed at the highest rate.

Enrolling to vote

It is compulsory for all Australian citizens over the age of 18 years to enrol to vote with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)

  • You may register with the AEC if you are 17 years of age. This is provisional enrolment but you are not allowed to vote until you are 18 years old.
  • Electoral enrolment forms are available from the AEC, or a local electorate office.


Everyone is entitled to a Medicare card, which refunds up to 85% of the scheduled fee when you receive medical care, or 100% if your Doctor “bulk bills”. Remember to ask if they charge above the scheduled fee.
Phone Medicare on: 13 20 11

Being Legal

Law Stuff - This site answers common questions young people ask about the law like: “When can I legally call myself an adult?” “When can I drink alcohol?”.

health insurance and ambulance cover

Private health insurance gives you financial protection if things go wrong. It gives you a choice in health care and you can be treated by your doctor, when you want and where you want. At this point in your life, you may not think health insurance is important, until you hurt yourself playing footy and have to wait for 2 years to get your knee fixed.

There is no average cost for health insurance, it will totally depend on your needs. Make sure that you know what you need and what you don't in your insurance. Shop around to find what health fund is right for you.

Always read all the fine print to see exactly what's covered and what's not, if your policy doesn't include ambulance cover, it's recommended that you get some, it's not expensive but it can save you hundreds of dollars.


You can keep the amount you pay each week or year (premiums) down by agreeing to pay an excess. This means you pay a certain nominated amount if you go to hospital, say $200

in case of emergency (ICE)

If you own a mobile phone it is a great idea to store the name and number of a family member or friend to be contacted In Case of Emergencies (ICE). Including ICE in your mobile is an easy step that may help you when you need it most - in times of accidents and emergencies. Simply enter the acronym ICE - for In Case of Emergency - into your mobile's address book and list the name and number of the person you want to be contacted in an emergency. It could be a family member, close friend or even your doctor. You could also store your blood type and other relevant information under your ICE entry in some handsets that allow notes in the contacts section.

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